Monday, May 28, 2012

Triune God

The 3D God is at home within the cosmos,
a habitation created in a dream-thought explosion
of energy, light and grace. In that moment,
time began its insistent journey
outwards to locate and define
every particle that ever existed.
This same triune Deity calls into being love,
which reaches, gathers and embraces,
– always did, always does, always will,
– and weeps at the estrangement
and the bondage of creation

Knowing that fear must be defied
if life is to triumph, a Word-child
is sent to embody foolish,
love-filled hope;
seeking an end to the alienation
and recklessly shining his uninvited light
into previously shadowed places.
The embracings receive added substance
as hand are clasped, feet are washed,
cheeks are kissed, tears are shed,
and greetings of peace are extended to all.

The third dimension comes as Spirit,
transcending temporal and spatial limits,
to speak once more, and for all time,
that same word of impossible love.
Groaning deeply to resonate
with the barely audible vibrations upon which
the universe is built, she creates once more,
and again, challenge, peace, truth and justice;
calling forth life out of darkness
to refashion the cosmos.
in grace and hope. 

I find it a challenge to engage with the Trinity in poetry. I keep wanting to change things, but this will have to do for now.

© Ken Rookes 2012

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