Monday, May 27, 2019

Praying for his friends

Haiku to unite

He’s praying for them.
Jesus knows his time is near,
and prays for his friends.

Knows the day comes near
when they will need each other
and must stand as one.

Not just for his friends
but for those who hear their words;
he prays for them, too.

This unity thing:
Jesus one with his Father,
Jesus one with us.

I and you and them;
much mutual indwelling
speaking unity.

From the beginning,
splashing over ev’ryone,
love, divine and true.

Witness to the world
with your unity and love,
prove that you are mine.

A love explosion!
Yours for me, growing in them,
united in love.

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, May 20, 2019

Now that day was a Sabbath

Haiku by the pool.

In Jerusalem
many invalids, blind, lame,
wait beside the pool.

When the water stirs,
according to tradition,
healing is present.

Portico people
hoping for this lottery
to deliver life.

At the Sheep Gate pool
the lame man lies, unable
to enter in time.

Jesus came, asking
Do you want to be made well?
Did he need to ask?

Stand, he told the man,
Take your mat and take a walk.
That is what he did.

It was the Sabbath
when Jesus made the man well;
most reckless of him.

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019


Haiku of supreme importance

People sing Glory!
raising hands in ecstacy;
doesn’t mean a thing.

Don’t care what you say,
there’s just one way to glory;
a pathway through death.

Soon I will be gone,
you cannot go there with me,
where I am going.

Listening to God,
following God’s commandments;
these things bring glory.

Another command,
(call it new, but it’s been said),
just love each other.

Actions filled with love!
This is how I have loved you;
that’s what you must do.

Everyone will know
that you belong to my group
when you live in love.

There’s no other way,
forget raised arms, words and songs:
it’s only by love.

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, May 6, 2019

Tell us plainly

Haiku of the sheep

Who are you? they ask.
Tell us plainly, are you he
who God is sending?

You’re not serious,
he answered them. I’ve told you,
but you won’t believe.

You aren’t intrested
in what I have to tell you,
so stop pretending.

My sheep hear my voice,
they listen to my teachings
and they follow me.

I give them my life
and so we walk together
towards God’s kingdom.

They need have no fear;
I hold these sheep in my hand.
God gave them to me.

We act together,
the Father and I; working
to bring life and hope.

© Ken Rookes 2019

The storm

Haiku of stillness After a long day telling stories, parables, Jesus needs a break. Suggests a boat trip. Let us cross the lake; ...