Monday, October 28, 2019

Entering Jericho

Haiku for grumblers

Mr Zacchaeus,
short of stature, short of friends
wants to get a view.

Zac is wealthy, but
a tax collector by trade,
not well respected.

Jesus is coming,
passing through Jericho town.,
so Zac climbs a tree.

(This is a great yarn!)
Jesus comes by, sees the man,
Friend Zac, come on down!

I’m needing somewhere
to dine and to sleep tonight;
your place will do fine.

All the good people
begin to grumble: he goes
as a sinner’s guest!

The act of welcome
brings existential crisis:
Half my wealth I give!

The lost has been found,
sinful Zac belongs to God!
Clever move, Jesus!

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019

How good is this, God? or The best form of welfare.

Those who are righteous
can treat others with contempt,
Jesus warned, beware!

The tax collector,
lowly, the Pharisee, grand,
stood in the temple.

The Pharisee prayed
proud, God it’s good to be me,
I thank you for that.

I’m such a fine bloke,
honest, blameless, quite unlike
that dole collector.

The tax collector
bowed his head, God, have mercy
on me, a sinner!

The second went home
justified, his prayer answered.
Not the Pharisee.

They are in control,
still, the Pharisees, with their
contempt for the poor.

How good is this, God,
that we are not drug users
and welfare cheaters?

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, October 14, 2019

Justice and Faith

Haiku for grabbing hold

Another story
from the story-telling man;
and more surprises.

The judge didn’t care
about the law, or people,
or what God wanted.

The judge was corrupt;
if you had enough money
you’d get your verdict.

She is a widow,
pestering, seeking justice;
the judge refuses.

She doesn’t give up,
keeps on with her bothering.
until he gives in.

She achieved justice,
grabbed it tight, not letting go.
God is easier.

Belonging to God,
day and night they are crying
for help, and it comes!

Justice is God’s work.
God’s people can be assured
it will be granted.

Justice and faith,
these two, beloved of God,
shaping God’s people.

© Ken Rookes 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019

On the edges

Haiku of inclusion

On the edges of
Samaria, Galilee,
where nobody goes.

North of Jerus’lem
Jesus meets with outcast men,
unclean, unwanted.

Ten lepers approached.
Keeping their distance they cried,
Have mercy, Master!

Go and show yourselves,
to the priests; they will confirm
that you are made clean.

As they make their way
their skin becomes clean and new.
One man turns around.

The Samaritan
falls rejoicing at his feet.
Jesus, I thank you.

Were not ten made clean?
One, alone, comes praising God;
a Samaritan!

Another surprise;
the foreigner commended
as a man of faith.

© Ken Rookes 2019

The storm

Haiku of stillness After a long day telling stories, parables, Jesus needs a break. Suggests a boat trip. Let us cross the lake; ...