Monday, September 28, 2020

Another Vineyard

Haiku of fruitfulness

Another vineyard

story. This time tenants, rent,

paying what is due.

How much is Jesus;

how much from gospel writers

offering hindsight?

One more parable.

Aspects of allegory;

who represents what?

Shades of Isaiah’s

vineyard producing wild grapes.

But the fruit is good!

Heaps of violence

as the greedy and corrupt

execute their plan.

The son, too, is killed.

Our thoughts are led to the end

of Jesus’ story.

Judgement takes its place

at centre-stage. The warning:

produce kingdom fruits.

You who were the first

to receive grace, from you much

will be expected.

If you won’t bear fruit

you’ve moved outside the kingdom.

Others will enter.

Priests and Pharisees

heard the penny drop that day;

these words were for them

© Ken Rookes 2020 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Of the two

Haiku for the first in line.

Chief priests and elders

can only defend the past;

cannot see the new.

We are entitled!

They cry with indignation.

No, you’re not, he says.

What authority

do you have to say these things?

I will not tell you.

A man had two sons.

Asked them both to work the vines;

different answers.

One said I will not,

but later changed his thinking

and did the right thing.

One said Yes, I’ll go;

but for whatever reason

that son never did.

Words are easily

spoken. It is the actions

that really matter.

The tax collectors

and prostitutes believed John;

entered the kingdom.

Chief priests and elders

believe they set the standard

while others fall short.

You wear the Tee-shirt;

make sure you know its message;

act accordingly.

The first will be last.

Those who pass up the invite

lose their place in line.

© Ken Rookes 2020

Monday, September 14, 2020

Don't grumble at grace.

Haiku of generosity

Not a rule book for

industrial relations;

this vineyard story.

It is about grace;

an eccentric employer,

a generous wage.

He paid them the same,

the ones who worked all day long,

and those who came late.

They grumble. The ones

who laboured through the day’s heat

felt badly done by.

Did you not agree

on the usual day’s wage?

That’s what you received.

Don’t grumble at grace

when it is shown to others:

celebrate with them!

Is God eccentric

like the man with the vineyard?

Most definitely!

© Ken Rookes 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020

To forgive or not?

Haiku of new beginnings


To forgive or not?

That, friend, is the conundrum:

Do you deserve it?

You say you’re sorry,

but the question remains: Will

you do it again?

Seventy seven?

Should I forgive that often?

He must be joking!

Another story,

of a man forgiven much,

who couldn’t forgive.

It is at the core

of Jesus’ teachings: Forgive,

as God forgives you.

Without forgiveness

there is only bitterness,

violence and death.

It’s that important,

forgiveness opens the way

to new beginnings.

© Ken Rookes 2020

The storm

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