Monday, November 28, 2022

A sign for us all

Haiku of the promised one

From the ancient line

of Jesse and David comes

one we have hoped for.

The Spirit of God,

of wisdom, understanding

shall rest upon him.

The Spirit of might,

counsel and fear of the Lord

shall rest upon him.

Righteousness guides him

when he delivers judgement

for the poor and the meek.

Such great metaphors:

wolf and lamb; leopard and kid

living peacefully.

Defenceless children

playing safely among snakes:

this image of peace.

The knowledge of God

will fill the earth. He shall be

a sign for us all.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, November 21, 2022

Walk in God's light

Haiku of peaceful hope

The days are coming

when the nations will stream to

the house of the Lord.

Many peoples come,

saying, let’s seek Jacob’s God,

so to learn God’s ways.

They will say, Come, now,

We will learn the ways of God,

walk upon God’s paths.

From Zion, God’s word

comes forth, to instruct and guide

and show us God’s way.

God shall judge between

the nations, and determine

what is fair and just.

They shall beat their swords

and spears on anvils, into

ploughs and pruning hooks.

No more shall they learn

warfare; nations will not fight

or lift up their swords.

God’s light shines on all;

come, house of Jacob, let’s walk

in the light of God.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, November 14, 2022

From David's Line

Haiku for a shepherd

The shepherds have failed,

the sheep are destroyed, scattered

and driven away.

Leaders stand accused,

they are evil, not taking

care of God’s people.

God will shepherd them,

gathering the remnant flock

from among the lands.

God’s sheep will return

to the safety of their fold;

no longer fearful.

The days are coming.

From David’s line shall be raised

a righteous ruler.

He shall reign as king

with wisdom, justice and truth.

And we shall be blessed.

Judah will be saved

Israel will live in safety;

Righteousness will reign.

We yearn for the day

when justice, hope, and peace reign;

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, November 7, 2022

New Creation Hope

Haiku for an ideal world

New creation hope;

a new heaven, a new earth.

We could do with that.

The old earth has failed;

its people weren’t up to it.

Not enough justice.

Renew your people,

God. We can do with having

our lives upended.

In Jerusalem

God rejoices, takes delight

in all God’s people.

All weeping will end

the cries of distress will pass

when God makes us new.

Death is in retreat

as longevity commands

the lives of us all.

Those who plant vineyards

will enjoy the fruit; labour

will not be in vain.

Peace and harmony,

abundant blessings will rest

upon God’s people.

The wolf and the lamb

feed together; imaging

God’s new reign of peace.

The day is coming

when power meets its limits

and justice prevails.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, October 31, 2022

The future glory

Haiku of splendour

Very specific;

the date of the prophecy.

Must be important

Haggai, the prophet

brings the long awaited word

of restoration.

Does anyone here

remember the great glory

that was the temple?

People, take courage,

the Lord fulfils the promise

made at your release.

My spirit is here

among you; there is no need

for any to fear.

It’s time for shaking;

heaven and earth, sea and land,

and the nations too.

The nations shall come

bringing all of their treasure

as homage to God

Creation’s glory,

all the silver, all the gold,

belongs to the Lord.

The temple’s splendour

in the past was great; it shall

be even greater.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, October 24, 2022

How long must I cry?


Haiku for the impatient

How long must I cry?

The prophet complains that God

isn't listening.

There is much trouble

and God seems not to notice.

Take some action, God!

Justice is failing

with the wicked prevailing

over the righteous!

The prophet watches

and waits. What will the Lord say;

how will he answer?

Here is the vision,

says God. It will come to pass;

wrong will be made right.

Write in large letters

so that ev'ryone will know

the day is coming.

Look at the proud ones;

God's spirit is not in them.

The just live by faith.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022

Your shame is over

Haiku for the era of the Spirit

Children of Zion,

it's the time for rejoicing,

like rain after drought.

The seasons of loss

have passed; the promise is made{

full silos and vats.

The years of distress,

of grasshopper and locust,

dismissed and restored.

Eat, be satisfied,

celebrate God's love, mercy;

your shame is over..

Your shame is over.

Know that your Lord is with you,

there is none but me.

My spirit is poured

out upon all humankind,

much dreams and visions.

Your sons and daughters,

the elderly, even slaves,

will share God's spirit.

There will be portents.

The new age is upon you;

no one need miss out.

© Ken Rookes 2022 

Monday, October 10, 2022

The days are coming

 Haiku of promise

The days are coming.

Ominous words for these times

of uncertainty.

The days are coming

warmer atmosphere, extreme

weather, suffering.

The days are coming.

What's this? The gloomy prophet

bringing words of hope?

I'll watch over them,

says the Lord. 'Twill be a time

to build and to plant.

Say no more: Parents

ate sour grapes, their children's

teeth are set on edge.

Those who have done wrong

will pay the price for their sins,

and nobody else.

The days are coming

when the Lord makes a new deal,

a new covenant.

The Lord's gracious law

will be written in their hearts;

I will put it there.

The days are coming

when I'll really be their God;

they'll be my people.

Forgiven and freed,

my people will live truly.

The days are coming.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, October 3, 2022

Blessings upon Babylon

Haiku of reality

This is long-term, folks;

time for humiliation,

time for reflection.

They were in exile

in Babylon. The prophet

wrote them a letter.

It brought muted hope.

Make the most of it, he said.

You'll be there a while.

Work hard, build houses

to live in. And plant gardens;

eat what they produce.

Marry, have children,

give your daughters in marriage,

take wives for your sons.

Prosper and do well,

seek the city's welfare, pray

for them, your captors.

Bless your enemies.

your well-being stems from theirs;

thus God blesses you.

© Ken Rookes 2022 

Monday, September 26, 2022



Haiku to be avoided

A fallen woman

personifies the city;

weeping, abandoned.

She's been unfaithful

to God, and all her lovers

have abandoned her.

She was exalted,

a princess; now she's become

but a bond-servant.

The roads to Zion

mourn, streets are empty, no one

attends festivals.

Grieving and groaning;

she is a desolation.

Her lot is bitter.

Enemies prosper,

the suff'ring is great: even

her children are gone.

For her many sins

Judah is left desolate;

punishment from God.

There appears no hope

in images of despair.

For that we must wait.

© Ken Rookes 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

Defiant hope

Haiku of encouragement

City under siege,

Jerusalem, holding out

against Babylon.

Not much point, really.

The city must fall: judgement

for the people's sin.


the prophet Jeremiah,

guilty of treason.

His words of judgement

don't mesh with the narrative

of those in power.

The cousin arrives,

Keep it in the family,

he said, Buy my field.

Fiscal foolishness!

Buying land when you're facing

imminent ruin.

He purchased the field:

Jeremiah's defiant

gesture of promise.

Here, store these sealed deeds

in an earthenware jar, safe

against the future.

Some day, in this land,

houses, fields, vineyards. once more

will be bought and sold.

A symbolic act,

but more; a display of hope

in God's promises.

© Ken Rookes 2022

A sign for us all

Haiku of the promised one From the ancient line of Jesse and David comes one we have hoped for. The Spirit of God, of wisd...