Monday, March 29, 2021

The tomb

Haiku of surprise

Stories of wonder

seeking to give shape and form

to deep mysteries.

Early on day one,

still dark, the Magdalene came,

to visit his tomb.

The large stone employed

as a door had been removed.

Mary is distressed.

She ran to tell them:

They have taken his body;

we do not know where.

It was as she said;

the tomb was empty, only

the linen remained.

Mary, weeping, stayed

at the tomb. Two angels asked:

Why are you weeping?

My Lord is taken.

I know not where he lies, or

what’s been done to him.

A stranger enquires:

Why do you weep? She asks him:

Tell me where he is.?

The man speaks: Mary!.

Her weeping eyes are opened.

Rabbouni! Teacher!

As per instructions

Mary found his disciples

I have seen the Lord!

The resurrection

reports begin; a woman

and an empty tomb.

© Ken Rookes 2021

Monday, March 22, 2021

The end


Haiku of the passion.

Can’t risk a riot;

wait till the festival’s past.

Then we can kill him.

Nothing much has changed,

the dirty work still happens

when no one’s watching.

They set up Judas

to betray him. Paid him well,


Sharing sacred meal

he spoke of being betrayed..

Surely not I, Lord?

They shared bread and wine.

My body, my blood, for you;

find me deep within.

You will all leave me

when the testing time is here;

even you, Peter.

Sit here while I pray,

he told his friends. But they slept;

the flesh being weak.

Betrayed and taken,

put on trial; the outcome


Taken to Pilate.

Are you the King of the Jews?

Have you no answer?

Let me release him;

he does not deserve death. No!

Give us Barabbas!

Much mocking, spitting,

purple cloak with crown of thorns.

Lead him out to die.

They crucified him,

with two bandits, one each side.

There was much mocking.

At noon the darkness.

At three, abandonment’s cry,

and then the last breath.

With linen grave-cloth

he is entombed. A stone rolled

to seal the entrance.


© Ken Rookes 2021


Monday, March 15, 2021

The Greeks

Haiku of fulfilment

They liked debating,

those Greeks, coming with questions

to put to Jesus.

He had a Greek name,

Philip; perhaps that is why

the Greeks approached him.

Things are climaxing;

the hour is coming. Glory

revealed in dying.

The grain falls to earth

to find fulfilment through death.

and is made fruitful.

This is the pattern

for living that is true; death

overcome by life.

My soul is troubled.

It’s not hard to imagine,

what might lie ahead

This is the reason

I have come, not to retreat,

but to embrace death.

The world has been judged;

rulers who wield power, fear,

will be driven out.

When I am lifted

love’s power will be revealed;

they will come to me.

© Ken Rookes 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021


Haiku of the light

In the wilderness

Moses elevates the snake;

bronze for healing.

Look upon the snake,

he told them. You who are ill

will not die, but live.

Look upon the Christ

when he is lifted, John says;

you, too, will find life.

When he is lifted,

when the cross is made his home,

we will see his truth.

He will shine as light,

challenging earth’s dark sadness,

that which is evil.

Seek out the light

and dwell in him; find his truth,

life without limits.

In your wilderness

raise your eyes; you will see him,

chasing your darkness.

© Ken Rookes 2021

Monday, March 1, 2021

My Father's House

Angry haiku

It’s early in John,

the confrontation is there

from the beginning.

The powerful ones

who rule religion, are scared

of his freedom words.

In Jerusalem

the temple stands for order;

ancient traditions.

Through the temple’s gates

he strides, his angry vision

impels him to act.

Upsets ev’rything;

sheep, cattle, money changers.

This is not God’s house!

Show a sign, they say,

that proves your right to do this.

Will my body do?

Not yet a sign, but

one will be given: Three days,

then resurrection!

Come again, Jesus;

drive them out, those who pervert

your words with their lies.

They are many still

who choose power, not the cross;

or the costs of love.

© Ken Rookes 2021

The storm

Haiku of stillness After a long day telling stories, parables, Jesus needs a break. Suggests a boat trip. Let us cross the lake; ...