Monday, May 21, 2012

Spirit of Truth

A new day dawns,
from time to time,
when sentient beings,
such as myself,
and you, curious reader,
experience moments
of such wondrous lucidity
that it seems we have moved
from a place of darkness
to one of light. The dawning
is mostly welcomed. For some,
those days arise more frequently
than they do for others;
the enlightenments may be serial,
and the truths will often compound.
John, the gospel-writer,
tells of the Advocate Spirit,
friend and companion
to men and women of faith,
who is promised to create
occasional recognitions of truth
filled with colour, light and beauty;
choreographing dancings for weary feet,
composing arias in ache-filled hearts
and leading the pilgrim soul
to places of grateful weeping.
Such illuminations may,
on occasions, so inspire the open-minded
that nations are led to cease their fighting,
nature begins to find healing,
people stop being quite so fearful,
and the hitherto vanquished power
of generous love receives its chance
and reclaims a small foothold.

© Ken Rookes 2012

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