Monday, May 14, 2012

Prayer for unity in Christ

Lord Jesus,
who on the eve of your death,
prayed that all your disciples might be one ....,
make us feel intense sorrow
over the infidelity of our disunity.
Give us the honesty to recognise,
and the courage to reject,
whatever indifference towards one another,
or mutual distrust, or even enmity,
lie hidden within us.
Enable all of us us to meet one another in you.
And let your prayer for the unity of Christians
be ever in our hearts and on our lips,
unity such as you desire it and by 
the means that you will.
Make us find the way
that leads to unity in you,
who are perfect charity,
through being obedient to the spirit of love and truth.

Cornerstone community, Belfast,
Northern Ireland.

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