Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The birthday of the church

On this birthday of the church we are reminded of our imperfections. Many use the imperfections of the Church as  reason for them being counted out, yet I would feel that the church is no different to the rest of society in that it is made up of normal people.
          T.S. Eliot in his poem "the Rock" wrote about the Church.
          "There shall always be the church and the world and the heart of man,
shivering and fluttering between them ,choosing and chosen,
Valiant , ignoble, dark and full of light,
Swinging between hellgate and heaven-gate'
and the gates of hell shall not prevail,
darkness now then light."
If we are bereft of a strong sense of unity and purpose, with what do we confront a culture that has enthroned enlightened self-interest? With what do we challenge a world that has reduced men and women to pawns of ideology? With what arms of virtue and belief do we address the heartbreaking slaughter in Rwanda and pogroms conducted by Serbs or Croats?
          In our own post-modern way, we are still the pre-Pentecost church, huddled in fear of each other as well as of the world at large. How true it is that we long once again for the "lover of the poor, the light of human hearts, the kind guide and giver of gifts, the gracious visitor who eases our toils, the consoler with cool grace and light in darkness, the warmer of our hearts and healer of our wounds, the gift of joy and absolver of sins."

Send forth yet again your Spirit upon us to renew the face of this troubled earth.

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