Monday, May 14, 2012

Not belonging

The one we follow
steps away from the constraints
of earthly contentment and desire
to listen more closely to the words of grace,
love and delight that whisper insistently
in the calling that shapes him.
With freed arms he offers
his liberating embrace
to the ones he calls friends.
They are to walk his own awkward,
earth-traced trails, and many more;
experiencing the challenge of the landscape,
feeling the sadness of its breaking,
and uncovering hopeful nuggets
and other surprising life-gems
hidden beneath layers of dust.
Born of that same dust,
they see beyond their parentage,
knowing that they are neither
children nor slaves,
but sisters and brothers of one,
who, for something more beautiful,
refused his world’s comfortable
and seductive encumbrances.
Belonging most completely,
yet not tethered by that belonging,
they refuse the gravity pull
of everything that would rob them
of the true freedom and joy
that is their inheritance.
Climbing love’s thermal currents,
recklessly they soar, rising and diving;
with determined wings.

Some poems are works in progress. I post them anyway in the hope that others might find them helpful. I think this is OK, but I may revisit. 
© Ken Rookes 2012

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